Rocky Mountain Bible Mission

Reaching the Rocky Mountain West for Christ
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Community Bible Church, St. RegisWelcome

In a ministry where large crowds and impressive budgets are not a measure of success, the Rocky Mountain Bible Mission is making and equipping disciples in the rural areas of the northwestern Rocky Mountains. In this corner of His vineyard, the Lord has raised up a fellowship of churches and a family of laborers for over 50 years, dedicated to making Christ known in the "little places" of our land. We are committed to providing help to rural churches and workers. We're glad to be here and wide open to share!

Please contact us if we can help your congregation's ministry.

Church Leaders,

Has God given you an insight for a retreat or seminar needed within your congregation? Then please consider using either Camp Utmost or Elohim Camp and Retreat Center to create an atmosphere for growing and learning.

Are you looking for in-service training for yourself or your church board and Sunday School teachers? Take a look at the exceptional and affordable training opportunities through our Bible Training Center (BTC) resources.

Take a look at the other ministry resources we offer listed in the right column. If we can help, we will.