Hands on Mission Evangelism

HOME connects needs with resources. Some Christians can "Go" and some find that difficult, but can give.  Both serve vital roles in fulfilling the Great Commission and our goal is to match the givers with the goers. 

LOCALLY:   Both Elohim Camp & Retreat Center and Camp Utmost need help with youth ministries.

REGIONALLY:   Consider attending RMBM Bible Training Center and gather all the tools for an effective outreach.

GLOBALLY:  Our program has hosted short-term mission trips to Mexico, Belize, Africa, India, Israel, and South America.  We stand at the ready to assist our RMBM congregations to ...GO! 
We have an exciting trip to Israel scheduled for March 2018 and are signing up now!  Consideration is also being given to another trip to the Holy Land in 2019 - Get in the information loop HERE
If you feel drawn to 'GO' with any of our HOME outreaches, give our HOME representative, TC Richardson, an email or call at 406-240-9539.