Breakout Sessions

We hoped to kindle the fire for God and His word with this outstanding keynote speaker and further stoke that passion with breakout sessions that spark on today’s hot topics. Otis Kline of the Foundation Advancing Creation Truth had illuminating information on Creation that dispels ideas in carbon dating. Sarah Smith set a light on Reaching Kids in Poverty. Tom Horton returned with a fireside tradition of storytelling, training us in hands-on Oral Inductive Bible Storytelling. Then we had, Darrell Nefzger, who’s steeped in Israel and Jewish studies, educate us on how to forever extinguish the fire of the Holocaust so that it will never burn again.  And finally, in this fast-paced information age, many churches lack a presence on the web; Lloyd Dailey gave a quick and easy lesson on helping your church set up a relevant and simple web page.

  • Otis Cline

    "Creation - FACT"

    Otis Cline represents the Foundation Advancing Creation Truth (FACT), which was created by Otis and his wife, Miriam Kline, to build their Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum in Glendive, MT.  Otis is the curator of the museum and has documented that two world-renowned laboratories both reported Carbon 14 in their Edmontosaur, Hadrosaur, and Triceratops fossils.  These results match two peer-reviewed studies that have also carbon dated dinosaur era specimens from multiple labs, and ALL indicate that these specimens are thousands of years old NOT millions of years old. 


         "Creation Evangelism"

         "Science: Evolution, the Formidable Enemy"

         "How Old is the Earth?"

         "Dinosaurs through Biblical Interpretation"  - *First 10 minutes not available

  • Sarah Smith

    Breakout Session:  "Reaching Kids in Poverty"

    Sarah Smith attended Valley Christian School in Missoula, MT, graduated from Montana State University, majoring in elementary education and now lives in the Bitterroot Valley.  She has worked at the Lolo School District for the last nine years and taught in Nigeria for one year.  Sarah has an enlightening approach on how to reach kids in poverty.  Sarah presented great ideas on working with and understanding challenging kids. 


    *  No Audio Available

  • Tom Horton

    Breakout Session:  "Biblical Storytelling"

    Tom Horton is a veteran youth leader of over 40 years and has been blessed with the opportunity to develop approaches to youth work which have become uncommonly successful.  Through these years, Tom has grown fruitful relationships with many rural churches, gaining not only a sensitivity to their needs, but a vision for ways in which God could use him and others to help meet those needs.  His breakout focus is Biblical storytelling.  Over 80% of people in the US either cannot or do not want to learn by reading.  The God's Story Project and Simply the Story have developed a powerful storytelling approach to reaching the populations of the world.  It has become increasingly apparent that a variation of this strategy is needed here in the US, where we rely heavily on literate learning methods.  His breakout session goal was to train a hands-on Oral Inductive Bible Storytelling that helps anyone attending to develop these skills so they leave the breakout equipped to implement the method immediately. 


    *  No Audio Available

  • Lloyd Dailey

    Computer tech surveys reveal that 65% of internet browsing is now done on either a smart phone or tablet.  It’s estimated that amount will be 95% within 2 years.  To be relevant, websites should be designed around that thinking - not to simply be accessible on mobile devices, but specifically designed for the smart phone and tablet user.  In order for churches to be out in front of today’s internet user and those searching for information, it's vital to make sure their websites easily have what people are looking for in an attractive and simple-to-navigate format.  Lloyd is committed to helping churches accomplish this and this workshop will help set them on a path to brand themselves and enhance their presence on the web.  Lloyd and his wife Suzette currently direct RMBM’s Camp Utmost.  He's been involved in varied youth ministries for almost 40 years, as well as having extensive business experience as a building contractor.  Lloyd’s computer education and work experience go back to the days of computer programming by punch cards and cassette tapes and he’s stayed on top of changes as they’ve progressed over the years.  He’s been designing websites for 17 years and is grateful for tools that make it so much easier today.


    *  No Audio Available

  • Darrell Nefzger

    Breakout Session:  "What About Israel and the Jews"

    Pastor Darrell Nefzger has a Master's degree in Theology - Old Testament, from Briercrest Seminary in Saskatchewan, Canada.  He is also a graduate of the Institute of Jewish Studies with Friends of Israel, and currently a student at Chafer Seminary in Texas.  Darrell has been to Israel three times, the most recent being this past April and May, where he received a scholarship to study at the "Christian Leadership Seminar on the Holocaust, Anti-Semitism and Israel", held at Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust Memorial Museum.  The goal was to train pastors and educators from around the world of the need to remind the world about the Holocaust and the necessity to never let a Holocaust happen again; if it were, the next time, would most likely include Christians who are persecuted.  Twenty-five people from 7 countries were selected for this seminar.  Darrell has been Pastor at Bethlehem Mennonite in Bloomfield, MT for 6 years.   


    *  No Audio Available