Life can be a challenge in many ways.  At Camp Elohim, one of our primary goals is to see how a Biblically-based camping or retreat experience might change your life by getting you on a closer walk with Jesus Christ.  Whether that's a new relationship with Him, restoring one or just a refreshing rest, we stand ready to serve you, your family, your church leadership, or whole congregation.  Kids enjoy our Bible-based and Christ-centered summer camps; they are age-separated fun-filled experiences for kids of all school ages. These summer camps are low-cost because our entire staff is volunteer. Aside from summer camps, men and women involved in church ministry have enjoyed our Bible Training Center with weekends filled with academically and spiritually challenging learning encounters.  We also host retreats for youth, church leadership, women and men's groups, or entire churches - even a family reunion on occasion.

Please give us an EMAIL or call 406-295-1115.

NOTE:  There will be no parent's night on Thursday nights due to safety/covid-19 issues.

2020 SUMMER bible CAMPS

Summer 2020 Camps are planned to go on, but will be limited in size and volunteer availability.

Note approval need to granted before registration can be done. *
Choose for grade entering Fall of 2020
All camps are $135, with the exception of K-3rd Day Camp, which is $25

Kindergarten-3rd Grade Day Camp, June 22-25 - as originally planned

4-6th Grades, July 6-11

7th - High School, July 27-Aug 1 - With special events for each age group

* Call the camp for availability and questions (406) 295-1115

Once you have called Camp Elohim click here with password given to register.

PLEASE NOTE - NO Parents night on Thursday.
If these dates don't work for you, check other options at one of our sister camps; Camp Utmost, located in Greenough MT or Camp Lewtana, located in Lewistown MT


We only use volunteers carefully screened by pastors, and full-time camp staff who are missionaries with the Rocky Mountain Bible Mission.  Be warned: It takes a special breed and a lot of hard work to be with kids for a full week of learning, games, rafting, riflery, meals, swimming, and even all night in the cabins.  At the same time, it's a challenging time of ministry to kids ranging from those who have never heard the Gospel to the well-versed AWANA youth.  Our all-volunteer staff includes cooks, dish washers, teachers, and people to help with activities.  Hundreds have served in these positions and you could ask any about the investment and all would say it's well worth the effort.  Please consider joining God's army at Elohim Camp & Retreat Center this year.




Photos courtesy of Chelsea Sanderson Photography