...that which is known about

                                 God is evident...

As our post-modern society continues to crumble before our eyes because it hasn’t any concept of truth how blessed it is to know the one true God who has revealed Himself to us.  He uses both Natural and Special Revelation, the later including Jesus and His ministry of Redemption.  God in His grace and for His glory has done this for us out of His love.  If we have open ears, eyes and hearts His truth is evident and it sets us free.  Unfortunately, many suppress this amazing truth and suffer the consequences.  

At this year’s Shepherds conference our keynote speaker Dr Kevin Horton, from the Institute for Biblical Authority, will help us understand how our God of Grace has made His truth evident. We encourage you to attend this year’s Shepherds Conference with the goal of being better equipped truth bearers in a darkening world. Your faith will be strengthened, and you will be blessed.  Register early and invite or bring as many people as you can. 

  • Dr. Horton holds a B.A. in Biology from Dickinson State College, a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University, as well as a Masters of Divinity from Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago, IL.  He practiced veterinary medicine in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley for 20 years.  During the last five of those, he answered God’s call to church leadership and established two churches in the Valley.  He served Crossroads Christian Fellowship of Victor, MT for 20 years as senior pastor.  Dr. Horton began as full-time director of the Institute of Biblical Authority in the spring of 2018.  He has a passion to see God’s Word correctly understood and is convinced that as people begin to grasp the intended meaning of scripture, they gain a solid foundation to navigate this difficult life.


  • Conference agenda

    held at Discovery alliance church

    2630 Connery Way, missoula

    Tuesday, April 19th:


    RMBM Annual Business Meeting 1:00 pm


    Conference Check In 6:00 pm


    Conference begins at 7:00 pm

    Wednesday, April 20th:

    8:00 am Gather for prayer in Board Room

    Conference begins at 8:45am

    Lunch Break 12:00pm —1:15pm

    1:45pm—4:00pm Focus Sessions

    Dinner break/Free time 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

    Conference resumes at 7:00 pm


    Thursday, April 21st:

    8:00am Gather for prayer in Board Room

    Conference resumes at 8:30am

    9:00am Final message from Dr. Carson

    10:15am Communion

    11:15am Dr. Kevin Horton, The Word is Our Anchor

    12:30pm Farewell

    Click here for Hotel information and to register for the conference