Our team

Mike and Jean Alexander, Pulpit Supply MT

Linda Allen, Business Manager Missoula MT Office

John and Lorna Atkerson, Pastor at Butte Heritage Church, Butte MT

Jeff and Miriam Boschmann, Pastor at Lolo Community Church, Lolo MT

JIm and Marge Centifanto, Youth Outreach, Missoula MT

Lloyd and Suzette Dailey, Director of Camp Utmost, Greenough MT

Ryan and Kimmy Dailey, Assistant Directors of Camp Utmost, Greenough MT

Dave and Debby Donnerberg, Pastor-at-Large, Troy MT

Levi and Tami Durfey, Pastor at Superior Community Church, Superior, MT

Wayne and Shannon Eve, Pastor at Plummer Bible Church, Plummer ID

Steve and Brenda Fawcett, Pastor at Potomac Bible Church, Potomac MT

Colin and Glenda Gibbons, Maintenance at Camp Utmost, Greenough MT

Rex Heckel, Pastor Vaughn Community Bible Church, Vaughn MT

Patrick and Jennifer Hoffmann, Shepherding Elder at Lone Rock Church, Stevensville MT

Jim and Mari Hunter, Pastor-at-Large, Hot Springs MT

Brenda James, Children's Ministry at Christ's Bible Church, Hamilton MT

Fred and Kathy Jones, Pulpit Supply

Chuck and Joy Kear, Associate Pastor at Lolo Community Church, Lolo MT

Nathan Keeney, Assistant Director at Camp Lewtana, Lewistown MT

David and Millie Knight, Pastor-at-Large, Butte MT

Wayne and Joni Koch, Pastor at Christ's Bible Church, Hamilton MT

Luke and Erin Lacey, Native American Outreach, Ravalli MT

Landon and Nicole Marcott, Director of Camp Elohim, Troy MT

Art and Connie McCafferty, Pastor at Blackfoot Valley Bible Church, Lincoln MT

Josh and Danielle McNeal, Pastor at Mountain View Chapel, Twin Bridges MT

David and Morgan Miller, Pulpit Supply, MT

John and Katie O'Mailia, Pastor at The Chapel at Riverfront Park, Garrison MT

Joel and Jayci Odermann, Pastor at First Baptist Church of Winnett, Winnett MT

Cody and Laura Page, Pastor at Cabinet Mountain Bible Church, Trout Creek MT

Kyle and Beth Pettit, Pastor at Priest Lake Community Church, Priest Lake ID

Gray and Katy Repke, Pastor-at-Large, Superior MT

Bruce and Carolyn Rippy, Pastor at Condon Community Church, Condon MT

Vern and Bonnie Rusk, Pastor-at-Large, Superior MT

Dean and Jerri Sain, Director of Camp Lewtana, Lewistown MT

Richard and Melanie Schwartz, Billings Evangelical Bible Church, Billings MT

David and Minh Termer, Evangelist and Discipler, Challis ID

Ted and Jean VanDyken, Pastor at West Shore Community Church. Big Arm MT

Ryan and Tiffany Webster, Pastor at Drummond Community Church, Drummond MT

Peter and Lori Wetendorf, Executive Director, RMBM

Tom and Mary Wood, Pastor at Christ Fellowship, Anaconda MT

Lee and Margy Wraith, Pulpit Supply MT