~  Thy Will be done!  ~

What a meaningful time of music, fellowship, messages and learning as we explored the theme of God's will and how to pair that understanding with skills for an enlivened outreach.  We are grateful for the depth of experience and knowledge each of our guest speakers shared.  Look below for links to listen to their messages. 

Be sure to mark your calendar for our 2019 Shepherds' Conference in Missoula, Montana on April 23 through 25, 2019.

  • Dr. Arturo Azurdia shared a sobering series with challenging insights on how things can go off the rails in our ministry when we justify our actions to fit our needs. Who are you for?  If we have a heart to rebel against God, the means to do so will find us.  God’s irresistible determination to save will thwart and even exploit every expression of ministerial defiance and He will use whatever means in His limitless arsenal to put on us on the path of obedience. Dr. Azurdia cautions us not to create a standard of our own making that invalidates the efficacy of the gospel. 

    Audio of Dr. Arturo Azurdia's series on Ministerial Defiance:

         Ministerial Defiance, Parts 1-4

  • Jim Carlson walked with us through what he's learned after years of ministry in rural places and the challenges and victories on that mission field; specifically in pursuing relevant weddings and funerals.  There is an approach that is redemptively-based and relationally-driven to marriages, and at funerals we need to remember that God is personal and we are representing Him to those gathered at a deeply personal time.

    Audio of Jim Carlson's messages on Lessons Learned in the Rural Places:

         Redemptive Weddings

         Redemptive Funerals

  • Scott Morningstar verified a perceptive grasp on Native American ministries and how to be most effective in that culture based on years of living, studying and sharing with them. What should we consider if we want to help them to change their belief system? What can we learn from history to inform our approach?

    Audio of Scott Morningstar's message on Working with the Native American:

         What Makes Outreach Difficult

         Insights From History

  • Dave Howe shared Child Evangelism Fellowship's view of seeing children through the eyes of heaven because, in reality, they are the keys to the community.  With focus on children aged 4 to 14 learn how to build a link to both churched and unchurched kids and their families in your communities.  Teaching them to GROW (Go to church, Read the Bible, Obey the Word, and Witness to others) has proven to be a tremendous impact tool.

    Audio of Dave Howe's Focus Session featuring the CEF Impact Tool:

         This is God's Business

  • Josh Jones and his YFC team come alongside the youth on their school campuses and use effective approaches to make a connection.  Josh explored how to earn teens' trust in the little things so that you can access deeper trust with the bigger things.  One key to facilitate the connection is well-trained youth directors and volunteers; YFC shows how they can help raise those Kingdom workers.

    Audio of Josh Jones' Focus Session on how YFC works to bring Jesus to every teen:

         On Their Campus

         Raising Kingdom Workers

  • Pastor Ted Vancil of Priest Lake Community Church dove deep into the effects of depression by unpacking thoughts from his personal journey and his Doctoral thesis on the subject.  Ted revealed that looking for cures in the world proves there are no cures, rather the healing is in the transformation found in the Word.  With an aim towards pastors and pastoring lay-people, Ted speaks to helping others heal.

    Audio of Ted Vancil's Focus Session on Depression:


         Deep Thoughts on Depression