Bible Training Center Curriculum

The courses are listed out below in the typical order that they are taught over a 3-year period.  If you have questions, we can be reached by EMAIL or at 406-532-1565.

  • Bible Study methods

    30 Class Hours, 5 CEU Credits

    An introduction into basic Bible study methods with a focus on accurately understanding and obeying God's word along with the development of practical skills.  Students will learn to determine what Scripture says, what it means, and how it can be applied.

  • Old Testament survey

    40 Class Hours, 7.5 CEU Credits

    A broad overview and survey of the Old Testament designed to emphasize the structure, theme and message of the Old Testament and each of its 39 individual books in order to provide understanding of God's self-revelation and His plan of redemption. 

  • New TEstament survey

    40 Class Hours, 7.5 CEU Credits

    An overview of the New Testament focusing on the theme, structure, purpose and basic content of each book and it's relationship to the whole Bible, as well as application of the message. 

  • Leadership

    30 Class Hours, 5 CEU Credits

    This course is designed to introduce pastors and church leaders to the basic principles related to the nature, structure and function of the church and to teach them the practical knowledge and skills necessary for the local church to effectively carry out its functional roles in the areas of ministry, administration and education.

  • Peacemakers/conflict resolution

    30 Class Hours, 5 CEU Credits

    Using the Peacemakers material and other counseling models, this course equips the student to employ a powerful biblical-based system for resolving conflicts between individuals, an individual and God, or within one’s self.

  • missions, evangelism and discipleship

    40 Class Hours, 7.5 CEU Credits

    This three-part course is designed to ground church students in the basic Biblical principles of missions, evangelism, and discipleship so that the church can accomplish its God-given task of bringing lost people to Christ and building them up in Christ.

  • teaching principles and methods

    30 Class Hours, 5 CEU Credits

    Designed to equip Christian teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively teach God’s Word, focusing on the role of the teacher and the biblical goals of teaching.

  • bible doctrine

    50 Class Hours, 8 CEU Credits

    A survey and summary of the ten major doctrines of the Bible with an emphasis on knowing God more fully, understanding and practicing sound theology, and an ability to defend the faith.

  • church history

    40 Class Hours, 7.5 CEU Credits

    This course is designed to introduce students to the principal people, the major political, historical, and cultural developments, the main religious movements, and the doctrinal issues which have influenced and shaped the Christian church throughout its 2000-year history.